12th EAJS Congress

Branching Out: Diversity of Jewish Studies, Frankfurt, 16-20 July 2023

As the Congress is getting closer, here is some information on important topics (and answers to frequently asked questions)



The program will be published on June 1st (Program). While finalizing it, we do our best to accommodate wishes to present on specific dates or in specific timeslots; however, this might not be possible in all cases. Info on accessing the program and on how to download our program app will be published here soon.

Info on joining the Congress as a guest:

Please follow the instructions on the registration site.

Transport and sightseeing in Frankfurt:

Public transport in Frankfurt is free for all participants for the duration of the Congress, July 16-20. A ticket for Frankfurt's public transport (the “RMV") is included in the congress fee and will be handed out at the registration desk.

Also, the Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt's municipal tourism company, generously provides free museum tickets for all participants. You will have free entry to 37 of Frankfurt's famous museums. The list of these museums will be available in the program app. The tickets will also be handed out at the registration.

Additionally, we will organize multiple tours in and around Frankfurt to learn about Frankfurt's Jewish past and present. Info on these tours (which unfortunately are not covered by the congress fee) will be published here soon.

Lastly, we will include a list of recommended restaurants around Campus – including many vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options – in the Congress app.


A section with information on kosher food options in Frankfurt – restaurants and shops – will be available in the conference app.

EAJS Emerge:

The program for EAJS Emerge, the forum for PhD-students at the Congress, will be published together with the general program. It will include sessions with PhD students' presentations and additional lectures by experts.

Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies

Twelfth EAJS Congress

Jewish Studies is – and has been since Leopold Zunz’ Etwas über die rabbinische Literatur – a multi-disciplinary field that brings together scholars, topics, and methods from across many academic disciplines. Even the shortest definitions of Jewish Studies mention that it is concerned with the study of the history, culture and religion of Jews throughout time; more detailed descriptions also mention fields such as anthropology, archaeology, ethnic studies, languages, political science, sociology, women’s studies, and others. Diversity is a prerequisite for academic Jewish Studies which draw on a wide array of different sources and work on a multitude of dissimilar questions.

Jewish Studies scholars do not only use interdisciplinary methods, but are also involved in multi-disciplinary networks, cooperating and communicating with colleagues from a wide variety of fields and geographical centers. At the same time, research into Jewish history, culture, languages and the like is not limited to Jewish Studies departments, creating yet wider networks and greater diversity.

The twelfth EAJS congress “Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies”, taking place in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) on July 16th – 20th 2023, will showcase and celebrate that diversity which is such an integral part of Jewish Studies: it is reflected in research topics ranging from the Bible and ancient history to contemporary Jewish Thought and culture, in a multitude of different sources from all over the world, in methods and approaches from Archaeology to Digital Humanities, and the vast array of interdisciplinary networks and research approaches.

We envision the subject of diversity also to be realized via the participants of the congress: from all different fields of Jewish Studies, from all over the world, from all ages and genders, from all academic levels, graduate student to senior scholar, but all united in the shared interest in Jewish Studies.

In this inclusive sense, we welcome all colleagues working in Jewish Studies to participate in this exciting conference in Frankfurt!

For further questions please contact us via congress@eajs-2023.eu.

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