Book Exhibitions - Sponsorships

Information for Publishers

A dedicated space for book exhibitions has been arranged for the Congress. Publishers can rent units of one or two tables (with chairs and access to electricity in suitable distance). The fee includes access to the congress venue, including all lectures and events, for one person. An additional fee will be charged for additional representatives of publishers. Please contact us at regarding the details.

1 table, including 1 person

€ 500

2 tables, including  1 person

€ 750

Each additional representative

€ 100

Flyers etc. can be included into the conference bags, representing publishers and organizations that wish to present their work but will not be present at the congress in person. Please contact us at regarding the details.

1 Flyer per bag

€ 120


Sponsorship for individual sessions will be available once the sessions have been accepted. Sponsors will be named with their respective logo in the programme and sponsors of sessions will be included in the list of sponsors of the congress. Please contact us at regarding the details.

Sponsorship, 1 session

€ 800


​Advertisement in the Programme

An Advertisement in the Programme is a great way to promote an organisation in the program-app and the printed version.
Please contact us at regarding the details.

Advertisement in the Program (1 page in print + Add in the App)

€ 500

See also the Terms & Conditions.